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The Truth About You
"You are Chosen"

God has chosen you to be the one through whom the good news of God’s love is shared with the world. In baptism God washes us of our sin and marks us as his own. God calls everyone who is baptized to be ministers – members of the church, which operates as the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. That means that you have a purpose, a calling, and God longs for you to become a disciples of Jesus and a “fisher of people.”

Welcome to Dutilh’s Online Campus!
We believe that anyone, anywhere should be able to belong to a church. Dutilh Online is that anyone, anywhere church. Don’t just watch: engage with others wherever; on your computer, your tablet, or even your phone!

Ready to get started? It’s all up there!
Sunday Morning at Dutilh Online
Join us for worship every Sunday morning at 9:45am. Praise God with the band and take in a sermon. Don’t be afraid to shout it out in chat! You’re not just watching, this is YOUR worship.
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